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Magiccara Food Waste Digester
Title: Magiccara Food Waste Digester
Category: Green Buildings
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Listing added: Feb 18, 2013
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Traditionally, home maker has to throw away food waste daily to prevent foul smell. Magiccara is a small kitchen appliance that converts food waste to odorless dry by-product. The by-product is suitable for gardening as a soil enhancer.

Classification: Kitchen Appliance
Type: Food Waste Digester/ Disposer
Brand: Magiccara

Features: + Take 1 kg of food waste, suitable for a family of 6-8
+ Converts food waste to dry by-product in 3-6 hours
+ clean, convenient, safe
+ Only consumes Rm0.30 per process
+ Prevents food waste from going to landfill

List Price: RM1800
GPNM Basic Requirements: In Compliance

Product Features

Location : The system prevents food waste from going to landfill; thus, reducing Carbon footprint and methane. Methane is 20X worse than carbon dioxide in trapping heat around the earth.
Compliance with/Meets Green Building Index Standards : Yes
Packaging Info: Weight: 9 kg
Dimension: 270 (W) x 300 (D) x 350 (H)
Additional Features: One Touch Operation

Environmental Issues Addressed: Global Warming Prevention,  Air/Water/Soil Pollution Prevention,  Waste Reduction,  Resource Saving,  Recyclability/Reusability/Refillability,  Long Life,  Degradability/Compostability,  High Quality/Performance,  Energy Saving,  Environment Clean-up Product
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Supporting Documents

Environmental Label Name: Food Waste Disgester
Uploaded Brochure: Download

Product Images

Product Main Image: 14-fc423d0cf9.jpg
Product images: 14-cdc0ab818f.jpg

Company Details

Company Name: Green Frontier
Address: 1379, High Road
City: Nibong Tebal
State: Pulau Pinang
Postal Code: 14300
Country: Malaysia
Telephone: 6012 4988122
Fax: 604 5933313
Email: kuangtan8@gmail.com


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