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Green Design for the Modern Environment
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Multi purpose cleaner for Ferrous Metal - Biodegradable buffer & sequester with organic alkaline - 10% dilute with warm water
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Heavy Duty water based Cleaner for food processing line and equipment. Ei-1F is a concentrated low pH aqueous cleaner for non ferrous metal and general surfaces. Ei-1F is formulated specifically for the food manufacturing industry, where contamination and safety is at the highest priority.
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-100% biodegradable -made of bamboo -can take up to 170C and -20C -Chemical free
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Extra Concentrate water based ferrous metal and general surface cleaner- degreaser. Environ i-2+ uses highly biodegradable buffer and sequester to maintain its property as an environmental friendly cleaner. with combined surfactant system including a proprietary non ionic alkyl polyglycoside, a cleaner- degreaser that is both effective on toughest oil and grease while maintaining high safety to user and environment profile.
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Oil & Grease Cleaner for oil Spillage
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Scale inhibitor cooling water treatment. Environ I-3C is an eco- friendly bio-chemical scale inhibitor cooling tower solution. this product is intended as both a preventive measure for corrosion of steel and copper alloys. It also an anti scale agent and sludge forming agent.
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Rust and Scale Remover. Environ Ei-5 eliminates the need for hazardous acidic cleaner such as Hydrochloric and phosphoric that are traditionally required to remove scale and rust stain. this product is able solubilize scale and rust stain and can be washed off with water.
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Water based cleaner- degreaser for evaporator and condensing coils in air conditioning units. Environ coil & fin offer a convenient way for air conditioner maintenance. It is non-toxic, non flammable. It contains no harsh chemical, petroleum- based solvent, non carcinogen ingredient. It is effectively clean dust, dirt and grease to ensure an optimum performance and prolog the life of the system
http://environ_coil and fin
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Item Made of Bamboo.
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Eco friendly Areca Plates & Bowls The use and throw Palm Leaf Plates / Natural Leaf Plates/ Areca Leaf Plates and Cups made out of Areca Leaf are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, light weight plates and cups made out of Areca leaf are environment friendly. An economical disposablenalternative for all catering occasions. These areca leaf plates and areca leaf cups need no wash, just use. These biodegradable areca leaf plates are a renewable resource.
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100% Biodegradable NO PLASTIC contains Made from Starch
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MICROCLEAR BD-1 BIODEGREASER is multi surface cleaner & a superior degreaser. It's highly concentrated water base solution combines the high pH (alkaline) values of BD-1 with distinctive coupling abilities & a strong surface tension release feature to make it a powerful & versatile answer to the user's assets maintenance & housekeeping.
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