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Aloe vera is a powerful botanical activator and plant growth promotant that increases phytoalexin production and improves overall plant health. Aloe-Tech™ is a whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate (500 % stronger than standard aloe extracts). Research suggests that Aloe-Tech™ is the most powerful fungi
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A spreader/sticker/synergist to improve foliar fertiliser response. An organic blend of emulsified, cold-pressed canola oil and highly penetrative Omega-3 fish oil. Cloak™ is a high quality spreader/sticker synergist which can improve the performance of all foliar fertilisers.
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Dia-Life™ is based on a micronised diatomaceous earth which contains 26% (approx.) silicon in amorphous form (i.e. unlike quartz crystal, there is no risk of associated health problems). Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of the microscopic, fossilised, chelated remains of diatoms - single-celled aquatic plants.
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A liquid food formula to ensure rapid and ongoing multiplication of beneficial microbes during brewing. One key to successful compost tea brewing is the supply of a food source capable of feeding and fostering thousands of different microbe species. LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) contains the essential ingredients, which have proven to deliver suitable promotion to maintain this all-important diversity during the multiplication process without the hassles associated with insolubility.
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The Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) range is a liquid fertiliser range combining a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and potent organic fertilisers. These organic fertilisers include liquid vermicast, fish fertilisers, fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser, vitamins and a powerful growth promotant - triacontanol. The Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ Range represents state-of-the-art, crop-specific fusion fertilising.
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Prepared by Wintima Corporation Sdn. Bhd. EFB Compost Specification Product: Compost from palm oil mill waste (EFB, decanter cake, POME sludge) Origin: Locally Total Quantity: min. uptake 1,000 metric tons per month, max. 3,500 t/month Shipments: bulk or in Jumbo Bags loaded on truck ex site Contract term: 2+2 years preferred Availability: June/ July 2012 onwards Specifications Particle size: ≤ 5 mm N-P-K value: min 1.5 / 0.5 / 1.5 Moisture content: ≤ 25% Total Organic
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kaydeezee Energy &minerlas Consulting int We are Ship Brokers and Agents& repsentatives ,supplier, for Chartering, Sales and Purchase of vessels,bunker fuel,d2,mazut,bolco,j54,bitumen,oliveoil,cement,gold ,MFO 180/380 Cst at,ship,dust,worldwide.
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Our On-Site Organic Waste Composting Machine can efficiently mix and compost organic waste regardless of the moisture content. This fully automated composting machine can be used on-site and is capable of reducing solid waste from food sources, marine products, agriculture resources and sewage sludge into high quality compost in just 24 to 48 hours.
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We produce pulverized Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) fibre. OPT fibre has a higher tensile strength when compared to Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Fibre, hence it can substitute EFB fibre in any manufacturing process.
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•Outlook for Cassava/Tapioca, Sago, Potato Starch and how much they can replace the under-supply corn/wheat starch market •Developments in high-yielding cassava varieties •Value-added downstream applications
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