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Malaysian Expanded Clay Aggregates
Title: Malaysian Expanded Clay Aggregates
Category: Building & Construction / Building Materials
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LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate) is a Clay Based Ecological Building Material for Green Energy Buildings & Multiple Geo-Technical Applications.

Classification: Lightweight, Insulating Building Material
Brand: LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate)

List Price: Negotiable
GPNM Basic Requirements: In Compliance

Product Features

Packaging Info: Bulk & Bags - Aggregates / Granules

Pallets - Building Blocks

Container Loads - 20 / 40 / 40HC
Additional Features: Geo-Technical Applications:
Fillings in Foundations & Behind Retaining Walls, Road Embankment Support & Load Bearing Properties, Sub-Base Compensation, Slope Construction & Roofs, Light Fill, Roof Gardens, Cleaning Filter, Quay Extensions / Structures, Fillings of Natural & Artificial Cavities, Insulation (Pipeline Insulation & External Pressure Protection (Cushioning), Tunnels & Structural Elements, Drainages (Sports Fields / Golf Courses ..etc.), Bridges.

Agriculture / Flori-culture / Hydro-culture.

Environment Filters - Water & Air Filters (Manure). Building Blocks (Inner Leaf Walls, Partition Walls, Exterior / Outer Walls & Foundations.

Panels (Walls) & Slabs (Floor Screeds) - Prefabricated Components / Sandwich Structures / Elements.

Lightweight Concrete & Lightweight Mortar.
LECA is Durable, Resistant to Chemicals, Indestructible, Non-Combustible, and Impervious to Attack by Dry-Rot / Wet-Rot & Insects.

LECA is Highly Insulating & Prevents Sound, Heat & Cold Penetration.

LECA is a Natural Draining Material.

LECA is Load Bearing (Aggregates for Geo-Technical Applications & Building Blocks) Used for many Low-Energy Development Projects Globally.

Substantial Energy Savings in Buildings (Electrical Air-Cond Cost). (Middle-Eastern Developments using LECA have recorded up to 30% in Savings)

LECA is a Globally Renowned Brand and has an Establishment in 16 Countries Woldwide.

LECA has a Track Record beyond 50 years. A Technology that is ever evolving provides the Global Building & Construction Industries with Multiple Solutions.

Environmental Issues Addressed: Low Emissions,  Global Warming Prevention,  Air/Water/Soil Pollution Prevention,  Chemical Substance Reduction,  Waste Reduction,  Resource Saving,  Recyclability/Reusability/Refillability,  Long Life,  Degradability/Compostability,  High Quality/Performance,  Energy Saving,  Extraction of Materials (Resources),  Material and Component Production (Materials/Parts),  Design and Material Selection,  Product Manufacturing (Production),  Transportation,  Product Use, Maintenance and Repair,  End of Life
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Brochure Weblink: http://www.mexca.com.my/index_files/downloads.htm
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Product Images

Product Main Image: 131-f99075582f.jpg
Product images: 131-36840217d5.jpg 131-468eb20a55.jpg 131-7461b27c9f.jpg 131-d2c966d11b.jpg 131-1157b015ae.jpg

Company Details

Company Name: Malaysian Expanded Clay Aggregates (MEXCA) Sdn. Bhd.
Address: M-3 -19, Plaza Damas
Address 2: Sri Hartamas
City: Kuala Lumpur
State: WP
Postal Code: 50480
Country: Malaysia
Telephone: +603 6207 5768
Fax: +603 6207 5769
Email: nra@mexca.com.my


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