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What is the Eco Product Directory? 

The Eco Product Database & Directory is created to:


-         promote awareness the importance of environmentally friendly products and services in conservation of a sustainable society

-         be a portal where eco products and services can be listed to provide buying/supplying leads


The directory provides information regarding products and services that are listed by third party domestic and international sources. The listing of a product of service does not guarantee its usability, efficiency or appropriateness for a specific application. It is important that a buyer verify specification and capabilities of a product or service with the supplier and compare the product or service with GPNM guidelines.


Please note that GPNM does not sell, promote or endorse any product or service or supplier listed in the directory. GPNM does not assume responsibility or liability related to the products or services provided by the third party supplier/vendors.


What are the criteria to submit a product to the directory? 

Any product that is submitted to be listed in the directory should qualify as an eco product as illustrated in the “Green Purchasing Network Basic Requirements”. Suppliers should also refer to the guidelines for products by categories, if applicable to the product or service. Any product or service listed should also be accompanied with documentation or evidence of its features or environmental claims.


What should I ask when enquiring about a product? 


Buyers should first identify their needs and design specifications for a product before enquiring about a product. When enquiring about a product buyers should:

-         Check the standards of the product. Does it meet industrial standards or requirements that you need?

-         Ask how the product can benefit you or your company specifically.

-         Do a comparison with other products to find out the most suitable product in the market

-         Confirm suppliability and availability of a product in your country.

-         Ask about references. Reputable companies can easily provide references if needed.


How do I get my product listed? 

Parties listing the product must first register as a supplier/manufacturer/distributor before they can list any product. Products or services can be submitted via the online submission format, which is different with each category. Product information provided should be adequate for a buyer to make a purchasing decision and should be accurate and valid at the time of listing.


GPNM does not verify claims by suppliers or manufacturers. Any form of false claims should be reported to the appropriate authorities and may result in the remove of the listing and subsequently banning of the account involved. 


What are the payment methods that are accepted? 

We accept payments online via the IPay88 payment gateway. (http://www.ipay88.com). Payments are accepted in the form of credits cards, interbank transfers and checks.

How do I select the right category for my product? 


Firstly identify what type of product is being listed. For example it may be a paper product. Then identify which sub-category that fits its description the most, like copy paper. If there isn’t a category suitable for your product, you can also list them under “others” which are available in almost all main categories. You may also email us to request for a new category to be created. (This may take some time to develop).


How much information do I need to submit? 


As much as possible. Every buyer wants to have as much information as possible before making a purchasing decision. Suppliers should be able to provide sufficient data and certification readily available to the buyer. Our system allows additional documentation like third party eco label certifications, national authority certification, environmental certifications, brochures, MSDS sheets and any other supporting document that the supplier may want to provide.


If information about your product or service cannot be listed for privacy reasons or due to inability to be submitted, please state so in your descriptions or provide an additional link to your webpage or documents.


What products are not allowed to be listed? 


We do not allow any product that is deemed illegal or controlled items in Malaysia such as drugs, pornography, weapons and others to be listed. Additionally products that are contradictory to claiming itself an eco product may not be able to be listed, such as eco-friendly cigarettes (if they really exist).

How often are listings reviewed? 


Listings are reviewed on a weekly basis by administrators. We strive to provide information and listings that are accurate as possible.  Submissions may require up to 3 working days for approval before they may appear on the directory.


How do I search for a product? 


Products and Services are divided into main categories and sub-categories. You can find products by browsing the categories and sub-categories. Use the search bar to find products. Products are searchable by keywords in its description and name.


How do I know which Guideline is applicable to my product? 


The Green Purchasing Network guidelines do not cover all aspects of products and services in the market. The list of guidelines is based on certain product categories like paper, stationary and office supplies and televisions. Suppliers and buyers alike should also take note of the basic criteria for listing to be able to identify with eco products listed.


My product does not have a guideline for it. Can I still list my product? 


Yes, you can still list your product. If your product still qualifies under the basic requirements and have enough evidence or features that makes it an eco product, by all means, it will be included in the directory.


Do you have banners/advertisement space for rent? 


Yes. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


I am not from Malaysia. Can I still post my listing? 


Yes, we accept listings from all over the world. As long the product and its documentation is in English and have certification from an international or national body, it can be listed.


Does GPNM have an Eco Label or Certification Program? 


Currently we do not have an eco label or certification program. Find out more on eco labeling in Malaysia at www.sirim-qas.com.my


How do I contact a supplier if I want to buy his/her product? 


The directory is equipped with a messaging form for buyers to contact the supplier or manufacturer of the listed product. You have to be a registered user to post any messages.


Information about the company or supplier is displayed together with the listings. 


How do I get my product certified as an eco product? 


There are many eco labels out there. Most countries already has established their national eco label. You can refer to their websites or contact them for more information.


Products usually have to go through a testing phase with many variables and standards to meet. If your product passes these tests according to the standards established by the eco labeling body, your product would be given an Eco Label status.


GPNM tries to understand the needs of products that are with eco labels and continues to establish ties between eco labeling programs and to recognize more labels. If you know of a new eco label, please share it with us.


What does In Compliance with GPNM Basic Requirements mean? 

When a product is tagged as "GPNM Basic Requirement: In Compliance", this means that, based on information provided by suppliers, the product adheres or meets at least one of the basic requirements of Green Purchasing Network Malaysia to be recognized as a Green Technology or Eco Product. GPNM does not enforce or certify products and services as an eco product. This declaration by the supplier is to designate products that it is produced or manufactured with the intentions to address environmental sustainability. 

Meets one of the basic criteria :



Environmental Sustainability/conservation consideration with consideration of price and quality


Consideration of Life-Cycle Assessement (LCA) from manufacturing stage to disposal


Energy/Resource Efficient


Made from recycled materials or can be recycled 


Commit to long-term use, correct utilization, and appropriate disposal of procured goods and services


Reduction of pollution


Efficient utilization of goods and services to reduce enviromental impact


Not all products are tagged as "In Compliance". Some products/listings for which we do not have enough information from our suppliers have no designation on our web site.




Please note that GPNM does not sell, promote or endorse any product or service or supplier listed in the directory. GPNM does not assume responsibility or liability related to the products or services provided by the third party supplier/vendors.